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Welcome to our world! This isn't your typical law firm; here we have created a world where we passionately strive to serve you the most efficient way possible, and not give up until we have utilized every possible resource available to us. Your Immigration problems are our problems and we care more about the positive outcome of your case than even you! A big promise, we know, and we intend on honoring it. So go ahead and explore our world, but don't be surprised when you feel the need to become our permanent resident.

  • We pledge that you will always come first. Our attorney sees her clients as invited guests to her home. Her staff is devoted wholeheartedly in providing you with unrivaled legal assistance.

  • We pledge to offer you the best immigration aid possible. Our law firm is on a diet, meaning we strictly practice immigration law. you see, when you devote all your time to only one body of law you tend to perfect it. We are modest, but we nevertheless admit to being perfect when it comes to the practice of immigration law.

  • We pledge to aggressively and zealously represent you. Our attorney does not work alone, she has the assistance of a knowledgeable and proficient support staff and paralegal. Our team has processed virtually all kinds of immigration petitions. All together we have a solid background of over 23 years* of combined expertise, in all aspects of immigration law.

  • We pledge to be on high alert. We recognize that immigration cases involve serious ramifications. Accordingly, we strive to be vigilant.

  • We pledge to keep up with the law. Immigration law is an ever-changing legal field. We are up to date with all the new legislations, rulings, and decisions.

  • We pledge to be affordable.

Mahnoush Deilami is an immigration lawyer based in Astoria, New York

Law School: New York Law School
Undergraduate Degree: UC Berkeley
Admitted to practice before all immigration courts
Admitted to practice in all NJ state and federal courts

Proud Member & Alumni of:

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"
-Mahatma Gandhi
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